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Tap List

Our taplist is rotating. Please check with the taproom for our current rotations.


Double Bit Black IPA

Don't let the 142 IBU's deceive you! This deliciously rich Black IPA is smooth and chocolaty. If you like to drink a mocha then this is the beer for you. 

6.2 % ABV


Springboard Spruce Tip Sour Ale

Calling all sour beer lovers or those wanting to try a unique flavor.  Spontaneous fermentation  gives this ale a wonderful sour and earthy flavor. Brewed using locally sourced spruce tips.

9% ABV


Schoolmarm Blonde Ale

Easy drinking slightly malty blonde ale. We used Saaz and Cascade hops that provide a light aroma.

*Shown in our Mug Club mug*

4.7% ABV


Spar Tree Oatmeal Stout

The addition of oatmeal adds a smooth, rich body to the Oatmeal Stout. This beer style is dark brown to black in color.

*Shown in our Founders Mug*

6.2% ABV


Widow Maker IPA

Our flagship IPA is a NW traditional IPA. With loads of Citra and Simcoe hops in the boil and multiple dry hop additions giving this beer a moderate bitterness and dominate aroma.

6.4% ABV



Bone River Oyster Stout

This one of a kind specialty beer was brewed using fresh local oysters from Goose Point Oyster Co. located in Bay Center. With its' creamy dark head and slightly briny taste, it is sure to please.

6.2% ABV

Irish Stout.jpg


Dry Irish Stout

This beer rivals a very popular Irish Stout. Dare I say I like this one better? I do! It is available on Nitro while supplies last.

*Available seasonally

Slash Burn-1_edited.jpg

Slash Burn Chili Ale

Our blonde ale is infused with fresh cucumber, lime, and habanero peppers to create this spicy masterpiece. 

*Available seasonally

Raspberry Blonde 2023.jpg

Lilly Wheaton Razz

Loads of raspberry is added to our blonde ale giving it a refreshingly fruity, light, and slightly tarte finish. 

*Available seasonally


Pickaroon Light

This beer is light with a nice citrus flare. If you are new to craft brews this might be the one to get you away from those domestic light beers. 

Skunk Cabbage.jpg

Skunk Cabbage IPA

This hop heavy, fruit forward IPA is sure to please with it's soft body and strong hop flavor and aroma. 

7.5% ABV


Axe Head Amber

Our Amber gives a nice balance between hop and malt. 


Chocolate Stout-Nitro

An American stout loaded with roasted, chocolate malt giving it a rich flavor. 


It's Worth the Squeeze IPA

Generous amounts of Centennial hops gives this hazy IPA a distinct citrus flavor and aroma. 


High Climber Brown

Brown ale with a nice roasted malt flavor with a smooth finish. 


Loaded For Bear

Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout. 

This one sports a boozy flavor and a creamy dark head. At a higher alcohol content, this one is a sipper!


Holzfaller Bavarian Wheat

The flavor comes through loud and clear thanks to the yeast and Cascade hops.


Loganberry Stout-Nitro

A lighter stout loaded up with loganberry. If you like fruited chocolate then this beer is for you!



Lumberjill Imperial Blonde

Our Imperial Blonde is malty, smooth, and lightly sweet. This one is unique and mouthwatering. 

Stump Cabin.jpg

Stump Cabin IPA

This West Coast IPA is named for the Stump Cabin off of Hwy 6 near Lebam, WA. It was built by one of our owners and his friends many years ago. Listed at #16 on 365 Things To Do In Scenic Washington State and also a popular geocache site. 


Pickle Me Sour

Do you like sour beers? How about dill pickles? If yes, then this is the beer for you! It is so out there you just have to try it. 


Loaded Stagecoach Red Imperial IPA

A red IPA dedicated to the Northwest Carriage Museum located in our neighboring town of Raymond. Don't forget to stop in! It is #39 on 365 Things To Do In Scenic Washington State. 



Pineapple Express Ale

The pineapple gives this beer a blend of sweet and sour. It's sure to please on a hot day!


Knox Pale Ale

Our newest single hop pale ale was brewed using natural spring water from Knox springs. Come give it a try! 

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