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Schoolmarm Blonde Ale

This is an easy drinking slightly malty blonde ale. Saaz and Cascade hops provide a light aroma. This is a beer to be enjoyed all year long.

alc/vol 5.2%     22 IBU's

Willapa Scottish Ale

Fuggle hops with aromatic and caravienne specialty malts combined with Scottish ale yeast make this a refreshing drink.

alc/vol 5.3%     48 IBU's

Lilly-Wheaton Razz

Take the Schoolmarm Blonde, add pounds of ripe raspberries and you have our raspberry blonde ale.  The name comes from the road that intersects Mill Creek Rd where our brewery is located.

alc/vol 5.2%     22 IBU's

Wit Yur Bitchin’

Wit Yur Bitchin’ is a Belgian Wit without all the traditional spices.  It is light in color and long on flavor with aroma from Cascade hops.

alc/vol 4.2%     18 IBU's

Willapa Bavarian Wheat 

This is our lowest alcohol beer. The flavor comes through loud and clear thanks to the yeast and Cascade hops.

alc/vol 3.9%     18 IBU's

Slash Burn Chile Ale

Habanero peppers, lime and cucumber combine to make this a one of a kind Cinco De Mayo specialty.  If you add raspberries, you get Raspberry Chipotle.  Both are winners!

alc/vol 5.6%     30 IBU's

Springboard Spruce Tip Amber Ale


Low bittering, flavor and aroma come from spruce tips picked on our property.  Springboard is a citrusy, flavorful Northwest seasonal favorite.

We loaded up a bourbon barrel with Springboard for a test run batch. We hope to have it available for our grand opening at our new South Bend location in the Spring of 2019.

alc/vol 6.3%     6 IBU's

Fresh Hop Alt Beer


Last fall we decided to make a fresh hop ale. Around 1900 in the Boistfort area south of Chehalis, existed the largest hop farm in the United States. We were fortunate to obtain Hallertauer hops, descendants of those plants. Along with some of our own home grow Willamette hops, we created a fresh hop one off German Amber Ale for our Octoberfest event.

alc/vol 6.6%     38 IBU's

Peely Wally Islay Scotch Ale

The brewcrew wanted to know if we could make a beer reminiscent of a single malt Islay Scotch Whiskey. We were able to purchase peated malt from England to produce a definite peated scotch ale. It’s a love or hate thing!

alc/vol 8.3%     42 IBU's

Cork Boot Brown Ale



This brew is a dark chocolate brown ale to be enjoyed year round.  Cork Boot Brown Ale is one of our top sellers.

alc/vol 6.6%     36 IBU's

High Climber Brown Ale


Malty, rich and dark but not heavy, this beer has more roasted malt and less chocolate malt than Cork Boot. It is mighty tasty.

alc/vol 5.6%     47 IBU's

Beyond Beer 2018 Winter Ale

This brown ale is loaded with loganberries and raspberries for a unique flavor.
Since we had a couple of whiskey barrels available, we filled one. At 11 months we are still waiting for the results. We are thinking this will be a hit.

alc/vol 8.6%     47 IBU's

It’s Worth the Squeeze IPA

The third hazy IPA in our series takes advantage of using generous amounts of Centennial hops for a distinct citrusy/grapefruit flavor and aroma. It is quickly becoming another favorite.

alc/vol 6.8%     90 IBU's

Double Bit Black IPA

Like drinking dark chocolate, this pitch black Cascadian IPA with deceptive bittering uses generous amounts of the 3 C's (Cascade, Columbus and Chinook) hops for a huge hop aroma and flavor. This brew was a favorite at the 2017 Pacific NW Brew Cup.

alc/vol 8.2%     143 IBU's

Spar Tree Oatmeal Stout

This is one of our original creations. We use plenty of oatmeal for body and flavor. Spar Tree Oatmeal Stout, dark with good mouthfeel, is very drinkable any time of year.

alc/vol 6.8%     71 IBU's

Bone River Oyster Stout (collaboration with Goose Point Oyster Co.)

This one of a kind speciality brew was brewed using fresh oysters provided by Goose Point Oyster Co. in nearby Bay Center. With its’ creamy dark head and slightly briny taste, it is sure to remind you of our local seafood industry.

alc/vol 6.3%     55 IBU's